Web development

The rapid development of the online environment created what can be named today a real online market where being present makes the difference between success and failure. Being present on the Internet has become a necessity for any type of business, as well as a simple and efficient method to transmit useful information in real time to the targeted market segment.

Web applications can revolutionize the way each company conducts its business. They provide the possibility to offer service or products to any person or device connected to the Internet and insures everyone´s access to information and functionality vital to any business, anywhere in the world, at any time of day.

LeadSoft is a full service website development company with 5 years of experience, we offer custom programming and software development for many platforms.

Our experience and strong software engineering background makes us uniquely qualified to create a successful solution for virtually any type of application development project.

To ensure the most efficient software development process, we use an “agile” software development methodology. Rather than delivering your finished software all at once, we start out by creating a very basic prototype, and then incrementally improving it through a series of project iterations. The prototype is functional from a very early stage, and steadily improved based on your feedback to make sure that it satisfies your real-world needs.

Our services include but are not limited to:

Custom Web Development with:

• Apache




• Java Script






• Visual Basic.NET

• SQL Server

Custom Applications for:

• FaceBook

• Twitter

• Google

• Microsoft Outlook, Access, Excel, and Word

• …others

Custom Integration with:

• PayPal

• Authorize.net

• eWay

• eBay


• FedEx

• Amazon

• …others

Custom Mapping Solutions with:

• Google Maps

• Google Earth

• Yahoo Maps

• Map Quest